The return of the return of Matt Hazard

It wasn’t a very well kept secret that the best part about Matt Hazard and his fictitious return to gaming in Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard was the comedy. The entire marketing scheme leading up to the launch of the game was a brilliant parody of the entire history of gaming. If you play the game you know that the great comedy and parody lasted, but the gameplay wasn’t quite there. Why not take a second shot at it then? The guys behind Matt Hazard have put together a pamphlet promoting Matt Hazard’s motivational seminar for out of date gaming characters and in doing so told us that new Matt Hazard news is coming.

The pamphlet is pretty solidly done, if not a little silly, and you’ll see plenty of characters you recognize, though the validity of some of them being out of date is up for discussion. Hopefully the info comes soon as we’d be happy to see more funny return with better controls and smarter AI. This could also be the “classic” Matt Hazard game that was supposed to release this summer (artwork for it is above). In fact, now that we’re thinking about it, it most likely is.

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