30 second RPG set for PSP

RPGs are fun and all, but sometimes starting a 50+ hour epic story can be a bit daunting. Marvelous Entertainment has decided to combat this problem by developing an RPG that is a little shorter; actually a lot shorter. Half-Minute Hero, exclusively for the PSP, features a hero who has less time than it takes to cook a Hot Pocket to save the world from an evil lord and must still accomplish everything your typical hero does in a solid day’s work.

The game flow is fast paced and tense while you encounter random battles to level up, upgrade your weapons, and make it to the evil lord’s lair all in 30 seconds. Fight sequences are automatic and time can be reversed by praying to the time goddess (for a fee) so the hero gets some leeway on the strict time limit.

In addition to the hero based missions, there are also three other mission types featuring an evil lord that dispatches monsters via RTS style game play, a princess wielding a bow and arrow for shooting action, and a knight protecting a wizard for a more defensive approach. Both the hero and evil lord levels have demos that are available on the PSN for download.

While there has been concern that this game could fall prey to the digital distribution only trend, as of now the game is still available for pre-order in physical form at GameStop and Amazon. Half-Minute Hero will be available Oct. 13th for the PSP.