Brütal Legend rocks out a multiplayer video

With Rocktober 13th fast approaching, every gamer with metal in their blood is eagerly devouring all things Brütal Legend. Even the staff here at TVGB has become smitten with Jack Black’s character, the witty humor, and gorgeous art in the demo that recently dropped. One thing that was missing, until the video above, was the multiplayer aspect. We kept wondering just how Double Fine could keep their rock faces on for something other than the single-player campaign. Now we know.

The object of Brütal Legend’s multiplayer is to destroy the other player’s stage by using our own fans, which we must gather and harvest. The method seems very similar to the minion controls in the Overlord series, but with added face shredding. The video goes on to show the three factions that will do battles against each other, as well as the tag team function which is different for each character type.

Oh, come on Tim Schafer and crew; if you can make the multiplayer as fun as the game itself, we will never doubt you again.