Updated / CD Projekt getting scooped up by Optimus

Update: Polygamia’s Pawel Dembowski sheds some light on the situation, “The major inaccuracy in the early report was that the owners of CD Projekt will become the majority shareholders of Optimus – this is not the case – they will own a half of shares, the other half being owned by the current owners of Optimus. So it’s more of a merger on equal terms than a takeover on either side.”

Original story: The developer for the acclaimed RPG The Witcher is being acquired by fellow Polish company Optimus. The move seems to have come about for the sole reason of getting CD Projekt on the fast track to becoming a publicly traded company. Currently the company is private and because of Polish stock market regulations will automatically become a public company when purchased by Optimus who is already publicly traded.

There is a formal agreement between the two companies saying that CD Projekt will become part of Optimus but the official transaction has yet to occur. According to spokes person from CD Projekt the move to the publicly traded domain will increase funding to the game studio for future projects. Hopefully the funding will help alleviate debacles like we saw with the The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf. Perhaps this new source of funding can go towards making The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings so that project doesn’t get the opportunity to fall through like the console version of its predecessor.