Final Fantasy VIII coming to the Euro PSN. Two territories down, one to go

Remember back at E3 when Sony and Square Enix released Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation Store during the show? Well they must have thought that was a pretty good idea, so at the Tokyo Games Show, they decided to do it again and release Final Fantasy VIII on the PSN, but only in Japan. Given that Final Fantasy VII came to the other territories, it would be a fairly safe bet to assume that VIII would as well, and it’s starting to look more and more like Squeenix is interested in making some more easy cash. Over on the European PlayStation blog, PlayStation Store team member Mike Kebby said that “Final Fantasy VIII should be coming soonish” in a comment responding to a community member.

“Soonish” isn’t a word you can translate into an exact date, but the point is that it’s coming to Europe, and if it’s coming to Europe, then it’s probably coming stateside, and that means that one of the more divisive games of all time will be in the spotlight once again to cause a ruckus on a message board near you.