Interstellar Marines come out of hiding

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any substantial updates on Interstellar Marines, an indie sci-fi first-person shooter involving futuristic space marines that, let’s face it, couldn’t sound more cliche on the surface. All we’ve seen so far are some concept videos, artwork and renders, but we may just get a glimpse of what the actual game will be like in a few days.

Developer Zero Point Software is launching The Vault, a browser-based 3D preview of the game, late next week. Why? Why because “screenshots and videos are so last century,” silly. As game director Kim Jørgensen explains it, “Envisaged as the 21st century’s take on a game’s screenshot and video previewer, The Vault is an in-engine concept preview of some of the characters in Interstellar Marines.”

Below is a little video preview to show what he means exactly, and more of the company’s reasoning behind such an approach. The Vault opens on October 11th (9th for premium members) on the game’s official site.

“The AAA Indie business model means that we’re a bunch of Indie developers financed not by a publisher, but by the game community and a small group of private investors. We need our community to believe in us and our game before it launches, we need them to support us in the development of our uncompromised vision.

“Every time we get a hit on our website, every time we get a member joining our community, every time a member upgrades to a premium account, the community is helping us build INTERSTELLAR MARINES”, Co-Founder Nicolai Grønborg explains. “To get that sort of commitment and support from our community we also need to be doing something special in return. THE VAULT is the next step in our commitment to the community in how we’ll deliver upon that promise!.”