Let’s go on a mission with Ezio

Soak in the long, lyrical vowel sounds of this Assassin’s Creed II walkthrough, which is basically the demo shown during the Tokyo Game Show overlain with some story-elucidating commentary.

In this new gameplay footage, historic hitman Ezio is on his way to kill the 15th century Venice version of Donald Trump, Emilio Barbario, a titan of industry whose “true will is to control the entire city.” Leaping around, searching for treasure and taking out guards looks more fluid than ever, but the coolest new feature is the ability to hire your own goon squad. On your way to the target, you’ll be able to hire groups of thieves, courtesans or mercenaries, useful for deflecting, distracting and straight up slaughtering any armed opposition while you engage in a little unsolicited euthanasia. A definite upgrade from the first game’s shirt snagging vigilantes.