Trine finally arrives on the US PSN soon, seriously

I was rather interested in trying out Trine when the PC version of the game came out July 10th, but I decided to wait until the game was released on PSN because it promised to be $10 cheaper, and I wasn’t going to have to wait long, as the product manager at Finnish publisher Nobilis, Oliver Vermeille, said the game would be released “by the end of july”. July passed, and there was no Trine. Then August passed. Then in September the European PSN release came, but by that point the PC version was only $20. Now it is October, and Nobilis has announced that after three months of baffling delays, the Frozenbyte-developed game would finally be released on the US Playstation Store on October 22nd.

It is perplexing that the game was delayed for so long given that people were already playing the full game on PC. Perhaps porting the game to the PS3’s unique hardware was more difficult then the developers thought? The game happens to have three separate publishers (Nobilis handles the PSN and PC download services, Southpeak publishes the PC retail copies, and Atlus has the rights to an M.I.A. version on Xbox Live Arcade), so there could’ve been a lot of back door politics going on. Either way, I think Trine is a pretty interesting and refreshing game worth checking out, and soon PS3 owners in the US will finally be able to do so.