APB podcasts show more gameplay, reveals possible beta date

It hasn’t been that long since developer Realtime Worlds toured the streets of San Paro with Epic Games’ Mark Rein in APB and since that was only a slice of their adventures, they’ve released two video podcasts to show off more of APB’s features. In the videos, viewers will get a taste of how music is integrated and the importance of taking cover and using the environment when you’re getting shot at.

Gameplay isn’t the only thing teased however as in episode 10, developer Chris Collins is sitting in front of a whiteboard which has the words, “DON’T FORGET- 09 IS THE START OF BETA!!!” With the former half of 09 out of the shot. Could it possibly be 10/09 for Oct 9, which is a date for the upcoming week? Realtime Worlds have already confirmed the beta for next week, so if that’s the case, those of you who entered a beta application may just get an invite.