Motion controls coming to PS3/360 versions of Pro Evolution Soccer

The Pro Evolution series is arguably the king of soccer games, but recent years have seen it slip behind the competition a little bit, with EA’s Fifa series delivering consistently strong titles each year. One area where Konami’s franchise is staying in shape however is the Wii editions. While the PS3 and 360 versions’ poor performance and lack of change throughout the years has started to wear thin, the Wii version has implemented motion controls to keep the experience fresh, different, and exciting.

We now live in a world where all 3 systems have their own form of motion control, and Konami plan to take full advantage of this to bring their title back up to scratch. “Up until 2009 we believed all the platforms should have the same controls and features. That’s no longer the case, because there are specific controllers for different machines, what with Natal and the PlayStation motion sensor system. I cannot say much, but I can say we are looking at integrating those devices into our games very aggressively,” said Pro Evo legend, Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka at the European Championships in Nice.

Obviously we won’t be seeing these additions in this years game, due out on the 23rd of this very month, but its very possible that they’ll make it into next year’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. So there still is hope for this long standing franchise yet.