Dust MMO to utilize microtransactions

Any good game developer today knows that in-game microtransactions will be important to the future of gaming and Dust 514 developer CCP is no different. The forthcoming massively multiplayer online first-person shooter takes place in the fictional world of EVE Online, a long-running MMO. Playing Dust 514 will not require players to have an EVE account, nor will it charge a stand-alone subscription fee. However, in-game transactions with real money will be used for acquiring various items in Dust, including various weapons and character upgrades.

Clearly, CCP is following the paradigm used by most leading internet businesses where the main service is free while hardcore users will be charged small fees for more advanced features. By doing so, the developer may be able to ensure that Dust 514‘s appeal is not limited to those already familiar with the world of EVE Online.