Microsoft: Motion is the wave of the future

It seems like Microsoft is placing a lot of confidence in their Project Natal and the impact it will have on the future of videogames. In fact, Microsoft Games Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer thinks that motion control in games will become as pivotal a component in the future as multiplayer is today. “Much like with multiplayer, I think it will become the norm,” says Spencer. “If you are a racing game without multiplayer the game just didn’t sell.”

Spencer isn’t the only one psyched for motion control. Since revealing Natal at this year’s E3, industry luminaries like Konami’s Hideo Kojima, Keiji Inafune at Capcom, and Toshihiro Nagoshi at Sega have all waxed poetic about the potential Natal has for gaming.

However, even Spencer realizes that innovation takes time. Rather than rush developers to adopt the new technology, Spencer believes in allowing content to evolve naturally. “Hacked in or quick to market ideas are not what we’re looking for,” he said. “We want to make sure that those experiences are world class.” But how far are we from such world class experiences? Only time will tell.