Video of the Week / October 4

There’s nothing like cursing your heart out in the heat of action and if this Battlefield: Bad Company 2 trailer is any indication we’ll be doing plenty of just that. We’re not quite sure if the expletives in the trailer were simply recorded in to show what solid communication adds to the intensity of warfare or if they’re triggered by certain events — we’ve reached out to EA to get that bit clarified and will update once they get back to us — but either way, you may want to brush up on your profanity.

Chad George: “My vote goes to that most realistically sounding military based game I have seen in awhile. Modern Warfare 2 has all the lingo, bravo zulus, and everyday armchair general down pat, but this is what real soldiers sound like when they are popping caps in tangos. Not only the language is there, as dirty as ever, but the visuals are pretty darned awesome. I mean, looks at the needles on the cactus as you run by and the smoke effects on the tank as it gets blown all to bits. If this is the future of the Battlefield Bad Company series, sign me up for another tour of duty.”

Sebastian Nordlund: “Call of Duty has pretty much been “the” series when we talk about the intensity of warfare, no matter the age (world war or modern) or size (knife or AC-130) of your weapon. However, DICE has Infinity Ward in its sight. Battlefield: Bad Company 2, judging by the latest trailer, is not only bringing the beauty of utter destruction back from its first iteration, but the intensity is so high and challenging, you can almost hear DICE whispering “It’s time to put your money where your mouth is, IW!” Brace yourself, B Company is coming to town!”

Jordan Fehr: “I definitely vote for the new Bad Company 2 gameplay trailer. Chad and I got to play a match of multiplayer at PAX and I can attest to how awesome it plays. Nice game modes, airdrops into battle, and class loadouts to pick from just like BF 1943. DICE has been hush hush about the new single-player campaign but the visuals and new locations we have seen in multiplayer can only mean good things. And let me just say, the audio in BC2 is awesome.”

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