BattleForge is your first DirectX 11-enabled game

With the Radeon HD 5850 and Radeon HD 5870, ATI/AMD’s two DirectX 11 video cards currently on the market and Windows 7 nearing release, DirectX 11 is becoming more of a reality. In fact, it’s already become a reality with EA’s strategy game BattleForge.

In order to experience the “higher frame rate and new ways of creating graphical effects, such as shadows and lighting,” you need to have Windows 7 and a DirectX 11 video card with DirectX 11 support coming to Vista soon, reports BigDownload. Though it probably wasn’t on many analysts’ list as a game that would quickly become DIrectX 11-enabled, a patch was released to its users and the good thing is, the game is free-to-play so if you’re eager to take note of the subtle differences, the client is available on the BattleForge website.