Counter-Strike creator talks Tactical Intervention

Not much is known about what the creators of Counter-Strike are currently doing, which is odd considering their games are still the most played on Steam. When you create one of the most popular competitive games, one would think you’d be out talking about the next thing you’d do. It took awhile for one of them to talk but Minh Le, one of the creators of the popular FPS has revealed a new project called Tactical Intervention.

Talking with IGN, Le always wanted to branch out from Counter-Strike. “I enjoyed Counter-Strike, but I wanted to have my own game,” said Le, explaining that the changes he wanted to make would be too drastic for the players that were already ingrained in the mechanics of the original game. For a while, Le was working at Valve on what was supposed to be Counter-Strike 2 but the project was shelved and Le has since left the company on good terms, only to live in his family’s basement, working on a game that would receive the same outcome as Counter-Strike’s sequel.

Tactical Intervention soon became the game he would go on to develop as a result of funding received from South Korean company FIX Korea. Relying on a similar structure of counter-terrorists against terrorists, Le is looking to correct the problems he saw with Counter-Strike including the issue with long round times, the balance of sniper rifles and camping with said rifles. “I hated how powerful snipers were in Counter-Strike. They really unbalanced the game,” said Le. Tactical Intervention, which will run on a heavily modified version of the Source engine, is entering beta soon and is said to be released later this year.