Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman 2! announced for PSP

Released just back in July for the PSP exclusively through the PSN, Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? (you got all that?) already has a sequel announced for Spring 2010. Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman 2! Time to Tighten Up Security! (last time I’m typing that) is being released by NIS America and promises to have the same gameplay as the original with more levels and characters. The quirky sense of humor is still retained as the monsters summoned by the player can become obese and captions mimicking YouTube videos flash across your screen.

For those unfamiliar with the first game, the object is to protect an evil overlord from being captured by an intruder hero. The player controls the God of Destruction and must use a pickaxe to dig up land to unearth monsters while creating an ecosystem for them to live in in order to optimize their slaying ability. Conquering the hero leads to success, while capture of the overlord earns defeat.

While the first title was released in North America exclusively for download, the sequel has not announced what format it will be available in. NIS America has recently added a poll to their site asking if fans would like a UMD version of the first game available for purchase. As a videogame collector, I hope this poll shows enough demand to have both games released in a physical form.

HIoPB! WDIDtDT? (I said I wouldn’t type it again) is currently available on the PSN on sale for $9.99 until October 7 and afterwards will presumably return to the original price of $19.99.