Nintendo Downloads for the week of Oct. 5

When the VC first launched I would have been pretty excited about this week’s release. Final Fantasy (NES, SQUARE ENIX, Players: 1, E – Mild Fantasy Violence, 500 Wii Points) — the first one — is a retro gamer’s dream come true, but the series has been re-released and revamped so many times it’s kind of not as exciting anymore. However, if you are looking to play the game in all of its original glory, without any updates, like a true retro gamer, than picking this up is a necessity.

The other two games out this week aren’t quite as demanding of our attention, though DSiWare finally has something that looks remotely interesting and isn’t a clock. Thorium Wars (Big John Games, Players: 1, E10+ – Fantasy Violence, 1,000 Nintendo DSi Points) appears to be a shooter in which you take control of tanks, jets and other futuristic war time vehicles in order to destroy an enemy army. All the levels are in full 3D, and it actually looks pretty decent as far as DSiWare games have been going.

As for WiiWare, it seems to have pulled a DSiWare this week and landed itself a sexy word game. Ooooh, let’s all get excited for Word Searcher (Digital Leisure Inc., Players: 1, E, 500 Wii Points), which is literally a word search for your TV. Does anyone else ever wonder how some of these companies make money of these things?