PSPgo released, hacked days later

The original PSP struggled to stay ahead of hackers and homebrewers as their firmware updates were consistently bested by game save exploits and custom batteries. Unfortunately for Sony, PSPgo does not fall far from the portable gaming tree. Having just been released Oct. 1 in North America and Europe, known PSP hacker FreePlay has already shown the ability to run unauthorized code on the fresh system.

While the two day turnaround is impressive, this is not running custom firmware. Those gamers wishing to enable homebrews and hacks on their own systems will have to wait for further advances. While FreePlay is showing his ability to the world, he is keeping the secret of how it was done to himself. Due to the limited functionality, revealing to Sony how the bypass was allowed would only have it prevented by the next firmware update before anything substantial comes from it.

The PSPgo is available now in North America and Europe at the retail price of $249.99.