37% of Wii games haven’t been reviewed

Recently, EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich conducted a survey of Nintendo Wii games and noticed that, on a whole, average review scores for the platform were improving. The question was then asked: Are Wii games in fact getting better, or are the hordes of shovelware for the system simply being ignored by the games media? It appears that a bit of both these scenarios are at play.

Divnich found that, for games released from January to June 2009, 37% of Wii releases were not reviewed by media outlets. This is a significant increase from the 25% of Wii games that got no attention during the same period in 2008. Compare this to 3% of Xbox 360 games and 9% of PlayStation3 games that got no review love in 2009 and it becomes clear that there is a significant portion of Wii software that is not being deemed worthy of journalistic scrutiny and review.