37% of Wii games haven’t been reviewed

Because good games tend to get more media buzz and are thus more likely to be subject to review, it’s likely that this 37% of omitted games were of poor quality and their absence from review aggregates could likely explain the Wii’s rising average. On the other hand, most of these games are not targeted at the mass Wii audience. Rather, they are typically casual titles, such as Disney’s Sing It: High School Musical 3. Such casual games often do not get reviewed regardless of the console for which they are released. It’s just that, at present, casual titles are more prominent on the Wii then they are on the 360 or PS3, explaining why so many more Wii games go without reviews.

Although, for the record, I will say that I’ve long been petitioning the managing editors here at That VideoGame Blog to let me review a High School Musical game. Sometimes, life can be so unfair.