Army of Two, Dragon Age get drawn up

EA seems to be determined to turn gamers into comic book readers and vice versa — yet another two of their high profile franchises are getting the comic treatment, Dragon Age and Army of Two.

Known comic book distributor IDW has signed on to print and distribute while EA itself will fund and manage the creative aspects of the comics under their newly-formed EA Comics imprint, all part of the company’s “strategy for extending EA’s wholly-owned game properties to new media,” as Mike Quigley, Group Vice President, Global Marketing, EA Games Label says it.

Both comics will see monthly traditional as well as digital releases on the iPhone, iPod Touch and “other emerging digital platforms.”

Below is the full cover of the first Army of Two issue and some more details about both comics.

Written by veteran comic book writer Peter Milligan (X-Men, Batman, Hellblazer), Army of Two is being published as a comic starting in January 2010. Rising star Chester Ocampo is the cover artist while the interior artist/penciler, Dexter Soy, is a ‘hot newcomer’ on the comic scene. Soy’s work suggests influences from well-known comic artists such as Whilce Portacio and Leinil Francis Yu. The first story arc, “Across the Border,” follows ex-Army Rangers Salem and Rios as they form their own Private Military Corporation: Trans World Operations. The story of the comic follow the events of the first Army of Two game but takes place before the deadly invasion of Shanghai by The 40th Day initiative in the videogame sequel. In the comic, Salem and Rios get more than they bargained for as they are unexpectedly caught in a brewing war between the Mexican Army, drug cartels, and The Maras – one of the most powerful street gangs in Mexico.

Inspired by the highly-anticipated BioWare RPG, Dragon Age: Origins, the Dragon Age comic book series will be written by award-winning fiction writer Orson Scott Card (Ender’s Game, Ultimate Iron Man). The cover artist is the critically acclaimed Humberto Ramos. Story details and the interior artist are expected to be announced shortly.