Modern Warfare 2 to juice you for extra gold doubloons

Times are tough. There’s crazy stuff going on with the housing market and the news always has pictures of people on Wall Street making sad faces. Apparently, videogame companies are feeling the economic pinch as well. Upon its release on November 10, Modern Warfare 2 will cost £54.99 in the UK, as opposed to the traditional £49.99 charged for new videogames.

Says MW2 publisher Activision’s UK managing director Andrew Brown, “The question is what represents value for money.” He goes on to defend the £5 increase by stating “there’s nothing in life that isn’t price elastic. Price at retail changes all the time depending on how successful a product is or isn’t. I think there’s a lot of controversy over I don’t know what.”

He may have a point here — if you were going to pony up £50 for Modern Warfare 2, an additional £5 probably isn’t going to break your bank. Still, consumers are right to be leery of significant price increases at any level, especially with the economy being what it is these days — sad faces belong on Wall Street, not in game stores.