Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising release trailer roars into action

Head shots, explosions, tanks, helicopters, promises of co-op and open world environments; there isn’t a lot going on here that we haven’t seen before. But beneath the rousing music and familiar imagery of this release trailer, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising looks like being a decent addition to your shooter collection.

A few reviews have already hit for Codemasters’ combat sim and the reception is pretty good so far. Most point to the series’ rock-hard realism (ever so slightly toned down for the sequel) as the game’s main selling-point, while fiddly menus let things down a little. Either way, it has our trigger fingers itching again… at least until Modern Warfare 2 arrives.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is out now in North America. Europe has to hang on until Oct. 9, while the Australian release is Oct. 15.