TrackMania dev snatched by Ubisoft

TrackMania developer Nadeo has seen a fair amount of success with their online racer — 10 million registered players of whom 700 000 play monthly and ~15 million user-created tracks since 2008 is a nice thing to have on ye ol’ resume. And now it all belongs to Ubisoft.

As part of their goals to expand on their multiplayer offerings, Ubisoft announced today that it has acquired Nadeo with goals to introduce the TrackMania series to “an ever-wider audience.” With TrackMania 2 recently revealed, they’ll be able to get on that sooner rather than later.

Ubisoft also fancies Nadeo’s tech, which CEO Yves Guillemot says is “one of the best on-line technologies around,” and will be sharing Nadeo’s know-how with other Ubisoft devs.

As for Nadeo, they seem pleased as well as joining Ubisoft is “a huge opportunity for us to develop and innovate and take Nadeo to new horizons,” Nadeo’s CEO Florent Castelnérac noted.