Gearbox turns easy Achievements into cash

Listen up, Achievement whores, Gearbox is thinking about you and, more importantly to them, how to come between you and your money. According to Randy Pitchford, head honcho at Gearbox, adding easy Achievements to a game title can add up to 40,000 additional copies sold.

“The Achievement hunter, who’s going to make purchase decisions around the Achievements per minute to ratio – he’s probably buying ten to twenty titles a year, or at least playing that many,” Pitchford told OXM UK. “He’s playing a lot. So he’s a very frequent customer, and you want to be in that pile. That’s just business.”

The kicker to all this is that designing easy Achievements requires such little additional work because the developers are “designing Achievements anyway,” but “people in the industry don’t think through it that much.” Pitchford goes on to say that the addition of those easy Achievements could affect sales by “thousands of units.”

While I am all for boosting our Gamerscore and Trophy list, there has to be some sort of challenge to make me feel all warm inside, right? I, for one, played King Kong to completion just for the Achievements but am most proud of the Unyielding Achievement in Trials HD. Comment it up and let the world know where your Achievement/Trophy pride lies. Do I hear Avatar anyone?