Moonshot Games, we have lift-off

Moonshot Games, formed by three ex-Bungie guys, has today formally announced its existence. Michel Bastien, Damián Isla, and Rob Stokes, formerly the production lead, AI and gameplay engineering lead, and writer/mission designer/design lead at Bungie, respectively, are determined to bring their experience of working on a AAA product to the downloadable game arena.

In a press release filled with flight metaphors, they explain, “The Moonshot team firmly believes that the stars need not be limited to multimillion-dollar projects supported by armies of ground crew. There is a place in history for that small, nimble craft, built smartly on a modest budget, and piloted by expert hands.”

We shouldn’t expect any specifics of what they’re working on for a while though, “We are now passing into the lunar shadow. Stay tuned for transmission when we emerge from the other side.”