StarCraft II will have at least 58 voice actors, lots of terrain sets

We already know that StarCraft II is going to have some pretty cool cut-scenes to go along with the real-time strategy, map hawking fun. Now, thanks to this thread, we can form a better idea of how epic Blizzard’s sequel will be, at least from a voice acting standpoint.

58 voice actors sounds like a lot because it is a lot. Could there really be that many significant characters that Blizzard needs nearly three scores of unique voices to breathe life into them? Not only that, but each actor could be voicing multiple roles, creating the possibility for hundreds of voiced personalities.

There is also some juicy new info about the terrain sets. Not only will they be named after planets, but players will be able to customize them to their hearts’ content to create their own unique versions. This feature will no doubt encourage players to show off their map making skills for all the StarCraft universe to envy and enjoy. Perhaps the World Map Making Series isn’t too far off..