BioWare details day one Dragon Age DLC

BioWare wasn’t kidding around when they said they’re going to take DLC a bit more seriously — on launch day alone Dragon Age: Origins will come with heaps of content to explore.

First off is Warden’s Keep, an add-on that comes included in the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game and will be available as a $7/560 MS Point download for the rest. Warden’s Keep adds to the game’s main storyline and adds “unique achievements, unlockable character abilities, powerful items, and much more.”

Next is The Stone Prisoner which adds a new party member, Shale, and comes with “a rich back story, extensive voice acting, and a unique follower quest to explore.” Every new copy of the game will come with a redeemable code while those who buy the game used will have to shell out $15/1200 MS Points. Clearly, BioWare will be rewarding people who buy the game in its original wrapping.

And finally there’s the Blood Dragon armor that again comes with every new game purchase. Redeemable after online registration, the armor will also cross over to next year’s Mass Effect 2. This won’t be available for purchase separately.

Dragon Age: Origins is out in early November for the PC and Xbox 360 with the PlayStation 3 version following later in the month.