Red Steel 2 set for “middle-end of February, early March”

Players wanting to use Wii Motion Plus for more than frisbee golf will have their chance to lock and load or unsheathe Red Steel 2 near the “Middle-end of February, early March”. Jason VandenBerghe, creative director of Ubisoft’s first-person shooter/brawler Red Steel 2, confirmed the release date to be around that time period at TGS.

VandenBerghe also talked about gameplay including the difference between the combo system and the power system. Combos are activated by a combination of motion and button controls and are upgraded through training that costs money. Powers “change the player abilities in a sort of profound way” and are acquired through boss fights. The first newly revealed boss, Payne, is a tattooed behemoth who can lift you in the air for a powerful attack. Beating him allows you to mimic that move in future fights.

As one of the first games to be Wii Motion Plus exclusive, Red Steel 2 finds itself in a familiar situation and will hopefully fair better than its launch title predecessor. Wii owners will find out sometime between Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day.