Forza dev excited over Natal’s “immense” potential

Forza Motorsport developer Turn 10 is head over heels for Project Natal and thinks the potential it brings to racing games is immense. “The moment we saw Natal, everybody was buzzing. There’s so much potential for what we could do here,” game director Dan Greenawalt told CVG.

“A controller for you and me is natural. We saw Natal and we don’t know if it’ll take ten years, or five years, but the potential for me and my team to not only do some really cool gameplay mechanics but also to get people who are intimidated by controller excited is immense.”

“It’s like a revolution,” he says.

Turn 10’s latest, Forza Motorsport 3, has been receiving glowing reviews all around and is just a few weeks from release at this point — so, just about the right time to start thinking precisely how Natal will work with the inevitable Forza 4?