Games “unlikely to be a regular feature of BBC Four”

The BBC has said that it is unlikely to increase its focus on videogames – despite high ratings and critical praise for the ‘Electric Dreams’ season of shows on BBC Four.

The highlight of the season was arguably ex-PC Zone writer Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe, a videogame flavoured version of the acid-tongued Newswipe and Screenwipe shows. Gameswipe attracted over 300,000 views for BBC Four, a big number for the niche digital channel.

Understandably, the commissioning team behind the season are pleased with results, telling MCV, “We were delighted with the response both to Gameswipe and Electric Dreams.”

“In Charlie Brooker you have an original, savagely funny view of the world and also an expert knowledge of games and gamers. People who have no interest in the subject trust him to introduce them to what it’s all about and enthusiasts trust him to have something well-observed and truthful to say.”

However, despite all this, “Games are unlikely to be a regular feature of BBC Four but we’ll almost certainly return to the subject at some point.”

Because, y’know, who wants a successful, critically acclaimed, “savagely funny” programme cluttering up the schedules?