Will Wright has three stupid fun games on the way

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop and Will Wright likes staying out of trouble. After forming the Stupid Fun Club since leaving EA in April, Wright told VentureBeat that his company already has three games brewing and that one may be playable in 2010. Wright’s company, that is still partially owned by EA, is much more intimate and has only 12 people, most of whom Wright has known or worked with for 10+ years.

While Wright did not give many details about the games, his insight into the future of the games industry is intriguing. “We are taking the games industry into other areas. We are expanding what we call the ‘play industry,’” Wright said. “Games are limited in some ways. Play can be applied to so many different kinds of experiences.” Wright also stated that games where you sit in front of a screen are “very structured activities” and that his vision allows for more freedom.

Even though Spore might not have been the game to end all games that some were expecting, its creativity is undeniable. As much as Wright has had an impact on the industry it looks as though he still has more ideas to give. That and expansions. Lots and lots of expansions.