Lead and Gold trailer looks like rootin’ tootin’ fun

The Wild West is perhaps one of the few remaining settings to be used to hell in games. Sure there are titles like Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and Red Dead Redemption to satisfy our needs, but it hasn’t exactly seen the overexposure that WW2 games have suffered from. Enter Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West, the new Western on the block. Now I know what you’re thinking;¬†great potential for a single-player FPS right?

Well guess again, this is a downloadable, third-person, multiplayer shooter for PSN, Xbox Live, and PC. A trailer was originally revealed back in August, but now we have a chunky two-minute video to feast upon. Results are good; the graphics are fantastic for a digital game, and they aren’t put to waste on the colourful environments.

Another interesting twist is the reliance on hit points, a twist that seems to take inspiration for recent RPG/shooter mash ups like Borderlands. And just because this is all ancient history, don’t think it means you’ll be under equipped; you’ll be armed to the teeth with revolvers, rifles, explosives, and gun emplacements that you can operate.

All looks to be in place for this ambitious title then. Hopefully we’ll find out when its hitting services soon.