7 days around the MMO world / October 11

We interrupt your regularly scheduled MMO roundup to bring you this breaking news: the regular guy is slacking this week. Yes, that is totally correct, Emmanuel Petti has unplugged for a bit and gone on vacation, leaving us MMO ignorant fools in charge. So, instead of acting like we know what is going on, here’s some of the major stories that went down in the MMO world this past week. Emmanuel will answer any hate mail when he returns.

  • Sony, Microsoft “a difficulty” for MMO developers
  • Blizzard released details about Patch 3.3 Tier 10 sets.
  • CCP Games, creators of EVE Online, released a trailer for DUST 514.
  • Aion gets huge improvements in the 1.5.1 patch, but just for the Korean test server right now.
  • Global Agenda wants to give you beta keys.
  • Age of Conan gives us plans for their patch.