Updated / Mass Effect 2 for PS3, says Aussie retailer

Update: EA Russia’s site also lists the game as coming to PlayStation 3. We’ve contacted EA to see what’s up.

Original story: Ah yes, another week passes and another retailer potentially leaks a shock release early by accident. Except of course it’s not that shocking at all really, because gaming sites have been talking about Mass Effect 2 possibly migrating onto the PS3 for months now. The Australian website for videogame sellers Game have stirred up speculation by posting a page for a PlayStation 3 version of BioWare’s hit RPG, citing a release date of Jan 10 2010. Lead Producer Casey Hudson once claimed he had no plans for a PC version, so there’s every chance the Xbox ‘exclusive’ could make it onto Sony’s console. With PlayStation 3 sales recently boosted by the release of the slimmer, cheaper model, perhaps BioWare finally considers the machine worth the effort.