Sony lets another one slip: a Resistance 3 billboard on a movie set

This year has been rough on Sony when it comes to keeping things under wraps. First the PSP Go details leaked before their E3 press conference, and now this. Looks like Columbia Pictures, a Sony-owned company, has been shooting a film called Battle: Los Angeles out in the contextually ironic city of Shreveport, Louisiana. In an area of the city where films are frequently shot, one fine citizen, who also happens to be a member of the NeoGAF forums, noticed the billboard you see before you in said area, on said set. The film, it’s been deduced, is slated for a release on February of 2011. What’s also been deduced is that the logo contains the Statue of Liberty, suggesting some Big Apple action for the franchise.

Tough break, Sony… but yeah, guess Louisiana has gamers too. Go figure.