Video of the Week / October 11

Say what you wish about first-person shooters, Call of Duty has definitely been the one setting a slightly higher standard than the rest of them. You may like it, you might not, but up to this day, there are only so many games in the same genre that can provide us with an experience such as the one Infinity Ward has, and is giving us. Is there any significant room for improvement? After years of having a winning formula on their hands, you would think the franchise would be falling flat on its face like so many others, breaking what seems to be unbreakable. Can they improve, yet again? How? The answer seems to be Modern Warfare 2.

Kristen Spencer: “Let me start off by making a deep, dark confession – I’ve never been too into Call of Duty. All the top-notch production values in the world can’t compensate for the fact that I’m burned out on anything involving 1.) Nazis 2.) Dinosaurs and 3.) Gangsters. Though I’ll be the first to break out the confetti and horns if they’re ever combined into a single videogame, ’cause how fuckin’ sweet would that be? But I digress. My point is that despite not being slavishly devoted to the franchise, I couldn’t be more excited by this trailer for Modern Warfare 2. Moving the action out of the pages of history and into our own backyard makes for some truly jaw-dropping imagery to go along with the time-tested gameplay. I’m not ready to pony up for the night vision goggles, but consider me converted. There’s a reason Call of Duty is among the bestselling videogame series of all time, and you need look no further than this trailer for that reason.”

Chad George: “For the first time in a very long while, I was amazed by a videogame trailer; the Modern Warfare 2 trailer was the reason. Starting out with the usual “soldier in trouble” and then cutting to the bad guys does not really hit home and, more often than not, signals a status quo that I tire of. Gameplay ensues showing guns, sand, and foreign lands. *yawn* Same old, same old – soldiers prepping to take a hill, the White House in flam… oh shit. Bravo IW, bravo.”

Sebastian Nordlund: “As opposed to Kirsten, I’ve been a long lost fan of the Call of Duty franchise. When everyone else I knew were playing Battlefield and/or Medal of Honor, I was playing the then new Call of Duty “1,” I guess you could call it. Ever since, I’ve stuck with it and although I’ve played those other aforementioned franchises as well, Call of Duty was the one that brought a level of intensity I had never experienced before. And now here we are, 6 years later and I’m now playing on consoles. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is that Call of Duty is still my favorite warfare-based FPS franchise. The reasons are manifold, but one of them is “Infamy,” the latest trailer released for Modern Warfare 2. And I’m telling you, those last 40 seconds spun every idea, every thought I had about what Modern Warfare 2 – and Call of Duty as a franchise – were going to be about, completely upside down. This is one epic game that I can’t wait to get my greedy little hands on.”

We also liked:

Aaron Yorke: “Bringing on Leonardo da Vinci as the Q to Ezio’s Bond is more than a little corny, but it makes sense since both Ezio’s weapons and Leonardo’s inventions were ahead of their time. The new poison blade looks especially cool, since you can wipe out multiple targets while causing a huge distraction at the same time… all guilt free of course, since hey, you’re not the guy who went crazy. Of course, there is something to be said for the more direct approach of sneaking up on two guards and having both dead before either knows trouble is afoot. Who said there were no moral dilemmas in videogames?”