XBLA the next stop for Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell

With Scribblenauts now released, 5th Cell, the developer of the DS puzzler, is setting its sights on consoles and Xbox Live Arcade. Creative director Jeremiah Slaczka told Gamasutra about his wishes to go on to bigger projects and that they’re “actually done with handheld for original titles. We’re not going to spend our stuff on new original titles. We’ll put that onto consoles.” That doesn’t mean they’ll be abandoning handhelds all together though. Slaczka just makes it sound like there’s a place and time for everything and that if he comes up with “another Scribblenauts idea, and, say, it would fit on DS, we’re going to do it.”

So, what is 5th Cell’s next big project? No info has been released whatsoever except for the fact that it’s coming for XBLA and that “it’s going to be pretty big,” he says. “It’s going to be really cool. We’re very excited about it… it’s totally not ready to be announced. It’s far away. The only thing that we’ve really announced is we’re working on console stuff, and we’ll see where it goes.”

He also touches the subject of company growth, which is something he’s keen on 5th Cell doing in the future through this new project. He still wants to maintain that “indie mentality,” stay original and unique and not grow for growth’s sake, which, in his own words, is “stupid.” However, that makes us wonder if he might have jinxed that ideology of his by saying “I don’t think that will ever happen with us.”