Dead Before Dawn campaign creators guarantee release regardless of finale state

While many are pondering over the validity of two leaked campaign posters for Left 4 Dead 2, one of which appears to take place inside a mall, there are other pressing issues at hand, that being the mall campaign for the original Left 4 Dead entitled, “Dead Before Dawn,” which is based on the Crossroads Mall of the movie Dawn of the Dead.

The campaign that has been talked about since Left 4 Dead‘s release is still on track for its Oct. 31 release. The developers of the custom campaign are going to make sure of it, even if it’s not entirely completed. According to a community update, all five maps are good to go except the finale. If the finale isn’t ready for Oct. 31, they will provide it in an update at a later date.

The campaign will go a bit further than most user-made content which comes in the form of the addition of another playable character according to Kotaku. CJ is his name and as the head of mall security, he’ll be a character that will prove vital to the original four’s survival. Mark your calendars Left 4 Dead PC players because Crossroads is going to get sacked.