Get Dizzee with the DJ Hero CG intro

Perhaps it’s best if you close your eyes when you watch this trailer or should we say listen to it. The reason being that aside from the Steam Punk inspired Jet Set Radio visual rigmarole that stole its idea from an old Lauryn Hill video, it isn’t much to get excited about, at least visually. Ok we get it the city is a giant turntable, that’s so 1998. However, has any rhythm game with the name Hero attached to it ever been about the visuals? Not really. So it’s best to close your eyes and enjoy what the game is really about, the music.

No matter how much we try to write off DJ Hero as just another title in the Hero line of games and simply just another reason to make consumers buy another plastic peripherals, Activision continues to throw curve balls. First they dump in one of the biggest names in techno with Daft Punk and if that wasn’t enough this trailer features one of the biggest UK hip-hop acts Dizzee Rascal with not one, but two Justice songs mashed together. The track on this video makes it what it is and without the music it would have simply been a mediocre CG trailer.