Dragon Age will love you for a long time

BioWare’s plan to support Dragon Age: Origins with healthy doses of post-release downloadable content is no secret. But just how much hard drive space should players set aside for the fantasy RPG? Lots and lots, if executive producer Mark Darrah’s words are anything to go by.

According to Darrah, BioWare’s current DLC plans stretch out for “basically two years” and include releasing everything from “item packs” and additional quests that may last a few hours to even “fully fledged expansion packs.”

The first two pieces of DLC, Warden’s Keep and The Stone Prisoner, will arrive on download services on the day of the game’s release (Nov. 3 in NA, Nov. 6 in EU for the 360/PC, PS3 later in Nov).

“…it’s a broad long term support plan for the game,” Darrah says.