Kojima will make you rush out to buy a PSP with Peace Walker

Oh Kojima, you are a tease. Instead of simply telling us all your secrets, you seemingly have to tell us that you’re going to tell us first. There may not be a multi-countdown website for this one, but the Metal Gear mastermind has apparently promised in this week’s Famitsu that the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will have “an unannounced system that will surprise you. It will make you want to rush out and buy a PSP.”

And so the theories and arguing start once more. What could he possibly mean now? Two recent quotes from the man himself have already spurred debate, the first from TGS about a world where gamers could “play a variety of games by simply connecting a computer to a network. If this were to happen, you could take your games with you wherever you went.”

The second comes from a comment on Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize, “President Obama, who declared ‘A World Without Nuclear Weapons’ in Prague, has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Has the era at last started shifting? The start of the Peace Walker plan? I hope that comes to be. ‘Peace will not walk to you.’ ‘You must both walk towards one another.'”

Could either of these have any meaning? Or are they completely unrelated and really Kojima is building something entirely new for the PSP? Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Resistance: Retribution‘s use of the DualShock 3 implemented again. What do you think it could be?