Ready At Dawn gets ready for future titles

Developer Ready At Dawn Studios is getting ready for something. The US-based team behind PSP titles Daxter and God of War: Chains of Olympus, as well as the Okami port for Wii, is working on building a new development engine for use with the PS3, PSP, and 360.

“We are building something for developers who are tired of the challenges of PC engines shoe-horned into consoles,” president Didier Malenfant said, “or trying to stitch together layers upon layers of middleware from multiple vendors. Our solution will be a complete game development platform that simply works.”

In addition to existing consoles, PlayStation LifeStyle also found an interesting job opening on Ready At Dawn’s engine site stating that they are “looking for a few additions to [their] engine team in order to add support for an unannounced console platform.” With just a few games under their belt it is hard to predict what future platform this could be for, but Vegas would put 2:1 odds on the next generation PSP.