The faces of Rapture’s civil war

BioShock 2 won’t wash ashore until February of next year, but developer 2K is trying their best to prevent us from going into total plasmid withdrawal with their “Faces of Rapture’s Civil War” series, which takes a closer look at some of the characters comprising BioShock 2‘s newly added multiplayer component.

“The citizens of Rapture’s Civil War were not always monsters,” writes Cult of Rapture‘s Community Manager Elizabeth Tobey. “Once, they were hailed as geniuses — brilliant minds burning brightly — ahead of their time. They came to the city seeking freedom — they fought for what they believed to be good and right. And in their search for true greatness they destroyed themselves.”

In case this heady introduction didn’t tip you off, the information accompanying these disturbing character designs is big on establishing personal history, not revealing specific details like the tonics, plasmids and weapons wielded by each, but it’s still neat to put mutated, mangled faces to the names.