You’ll spend 10-12 hours with Sam

Splinter Cell: Conviction has seen a wild development ride. From a total game overhaul to delays into next year, it’s been waiting to unleash its stealth-action thrill ride upon us for some time now. For all those sitting and impatiently fidgeting in anticipation (not to mention the one time I put on goggles and tried to infiltrate a GameStop for an early copy), there had better be a long game for us to feast upon.

Turns out the title could offer upwards of 12 hours of playtime, according to lead game designer Steve Masters. Speaking at Canada’s X09 event, he revealed you could spend around 10-12 hours playing the single-player. That’s pretty long by Splinter Cell standards, but perhaps you should expect it to last a tiny bit less, devs do like to exaggerate a little on how long you can really spend entertained by a campaign. Regardless, we’re in for a meaty adventure with ol’ Sam this time round, February can’t get here soon enough.