DiRT 2 DLC amounts to nothing more than for-pay cheat codes

Codemasters’ off-road rally racer, DiRT 2, is a surprisingly dense game, with so many events spread across so many tracks all over the globe that its almost overwhelming.

Almost, but not quite, because the game does such a great job of pacing your rise to rally racing stardom, allowing you to race unlocked tracks in any order you like as you hone your skills, steadily qualifying for harder races with bigger purses against more seasoned drivers. Which is why I don’t understand why Codemasters has released two new DLC packs for DiRT 2 that amount to nothing more than for-pay cheat codes unlocking vehicles, tracks and events that can be unlock free-of-charge by completing the tour mode.

Neither the 400 MSP ($5) “Trust Fund Pack,” which unlocks the 25 best-in-class World Tour vehicles, nor the 400 MSP ($5) “Access All Areas Pack,” which unlocks all 41 tracks playing host to 100 events, actually adds anything new. It’s just a way for lazy people to unlock all the existing content without playing the game, and isn’t playing the game the whole point? Personally, I’d rather play my way than pay my way through DiRT 2, a sentiment that should be shared by the developers who poured so much talent and time into making this amazing tribute to rally racing fallen hero.