Dreamcast’s anniversary game now out

This is crazier than Crazy Taxi. European indie developer redspotgames has released Rush Rush Rally Racing, the top-down racing title announced for the Dreamcast’s 10th anniversary. For those of you not yet old enough to vote: the Dreamcast was Sega’s last entry in the console business, released in September of 1999. Despite its early launch, the doomed system faced stiff competition from a popular console of Sony’s which you may heard of, called the PlayStation2. By early 2001, Sega had pulled support for their short-lived system. Yet, a decade later, we have a fresh new release for the system.

But if you think Rush Rush Rally Racing doesn’t have a special edition, you would be wrong! The regular edition of the game can be ordered from redspot’s site for €15.00, while the special edition, which comes with stickers, artwork, and tons of other junk, can be acquired for €27.95, or about $42 USD. $42 a bit high for a game released for a console that’s been dead for 8 years? Well, you’re probably right. But it’s still pretty damn cool.