EyePet devs building “something bigger than a single game”

According to Sony’s Nic Doucet, EyePet is merely the “beginning” of the unstoppable, unrelenting franchise of lovable monkey/chihuahua/human baby hybrids to come, with more games starring the adorable abomination to be released in the future.

“For us, it’s the beginning,” said the developer in a phone interview with VG247. “We’re creating a franchise. We’re hoping to really rally a lot of support and have a big success. The intention is to build something bigger than a single game.”

What could be bigger than world domination? Clearly, Sony’s reason for delaying the North American release was so they can have more time to weaken our defenses with a relentlessly charming marketing campaign, all the while their fuzzy, furry army grows. At least our new augmented reality overlords will be heart crushingly cute. Just imagining this little guy trying to crack my skull with a riot baton makes my heart smile.