Madden getting the Arcade treatment this December

I guess I could say I’m somewhat kinda into sports games. While schooling in Boston and rooming with three sports fanatics, I pretty much had to be. I admit I dabble in FIFA and Madden from time to time, but outside of EA’s always phenomenal NHL franchise, I’d much rather cozy up to a FPS, RPG or any other three letter acronym genre. However, you put a “Z” or “Arcade” in the title of your sports game and I’ll go simply bananas over it. Take Madden NFL 10 for example. You swap that out “10” for an “Arcade”, and I’ll happily pay $15 for whatever comes of it. Thankfully, that’s exactly what EA Tiburon has coming our way this holiday season.

Building off the success of EA Canada’s 3-on-3 NHL Arcade, Madden NFL Arcade is a 5-on-5 affair with no penalties, no field goals, and no shortage of big hits. Just like NHL Arcade, this game is gonna be packed with 13 power-ups (now called “Game Changers”) that’ll do fun stuff like give your defensive linemen a boost or freeze an opposing player, which I really hope is still accompanied by the monotone announcer screaming “I…CAN’T…MOVE!”, among other awesome one-liners. Five man squads from all 32 NFL teams are making an appearance as well, which is a nice change of pace from NHL‘s limited red vs. blue, pick from the player pool setup.

EA is putting the price point at $14.99 on PSN and 1200 MP on XBLA, which seems to be the norm for downloadables these days. While it may be hard for gridiron groupies who already shelled out 60 clams for Madden 10 to stomach another 15, I’m hopelessly on board for the second coming of NFL Blitz. Or even NFL Street. Really just anything but NFL Tour.