Operation Flashpoint DLC weeks away, release just the beginning

Hitting shelves just weeks ago, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is already on schedule to get some downloadable content, and some think that is the way things are heading for all games. A prime example is Sion Lenton, Executive Producer for the game, who believes that getting games to store shelves is now just the beginning.

“It’s a really different type of market now; I remember five or six years ago, you’d get a game, finish it, put it back on the shelf and that was it,” explained Lenton. “But now it’s almost as though the game’s release is just the beginning, really. Ours is a game that lends itself very well to expansion – there will be weapons packs, map packs – all sorts of things we can do to get our product out there.”

“We’ve got some very ambitious plans with DLC – our first pack is coming up in a matter of weeks,” Lenton said. “We’ll also have title updates coming up because once the game’s out there, we’ll need to get feedback from the people who are playing it, and if need be make a few adjustments and tweaks.”

It is always great to see the developers supporting a game so soon after release, but is it because of convenience or laziness? Was the game rushed out and the decision made to have it patched on the fly? Is this another way the developers are padding their pockets while keeping the retail prices stable? Comment it up and let us hear what you think.